WWE Fastlane 2017 results with video highlights: March 6


Wisconsin, Mar 6: Last night marked the final stop before Wrestlemania 33. The flagship show has hosted the third installment of Fastlane PPV containing a major main event match between Goldberg and Kevin Owens.

There were another series of interesting matches on the card that took place at the BMO Bradley Harris Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.This was an entertaining match and the contenders were on the verge to pick up the win after connecting with the Air Enzo. But, Anderson came from behind to hit with a running knee and pin him to steal the win, all of a sudden.Sasha Banks pulled off a surprise win over the dominant Nia. The big woman connected with a power slam following it with a running leg drop. But, Sasha rolled her up to get the pinfall.This was an impromptu match up set up the show runners in which the Swiss Superman pinned Zinder with a pop-up uppercut. After the match, Rusev beat down Zinder out of frustration only to find out that he will have to face Big Show, It was a pretty much squash match in favor of Big Show who defeated the Bulgarian Brute with a massive knock-out punch.The brutal contest at Fastlane was the best match in the Cruiserweight division, this far. The crowd broke out into a “this is awesome” chant, rightfully. Neville regrouped even after eating two headbutts and hit his pendant, Red Arrow to pick up the win.The crowd was on their feet as these two locked horns in a physical match up. Joe almost pinned Zayn after planting him with a brutal power slam. Aftermath, Zayn went for the Helluva Kick but got caught midway. Joe then locked in the Coquina Clutch to submit his opponent and pick up his first PPV victory.Bayley retained her championship via interference from Sasha Banks. Charlotte almost pinned the champion by pulling her tights. But, Sasha saved her by pointing it to the referee. In this distraction, a Bayley-to-Belly was enough to pin the queen and end her PPV streak.Roman Reigns did the unthinkable by pinning Braun Strowman for the very first time in the WWE. Even after connecting with two superman punches, Strowman put reigns down and went to the top rope to hit a splash. He missed it and Reigns connected with a spear to pick up the massive pinfall.Kevin Owens was roaming all over the arena instead of getting into the match with Goldberg. Jericho’s music hit and he was forced to enter the ring.

The Myth then connected with the spear following with a Jackhammer to pin him and become the Universal Champion at Fastlane.