3 challenges to take up this summer


51852329 The summer is upon us. Even we try to cope with the sweltering heat, here are three  challenges that you could take up, which will not only help you feel better about your body,  but also are perfect for the summer.

 The water challenge

 Keeping yourself hydrated during summer is of utmost importance. Taking up the water  challenge, will ensure that your body gets the water it needs, and keeps your skin hydrated,  too, making you feel less hotter. The challenge is to drink two litres of water, through the  course of the day. If you are the kind that forgets, use an app which reminds you to drink  water, and better still, keeps track of your progress.

 A full detox challenge

No, we aren’t talking about a complete ban on all your favourite food, but try and lay off foods that cause the heat to build-up in your body. This includes meat, millets, spicy food, caffiene, etc. It would also be advisable to lay off the drinking and the smoking, for summer at least, as these activities, too, tend up to build body heat. You will feel great after a complete detox, trust us.

The workout challenge

If you are the kind that regularly works out, then you could probably work with your trainer on the 30-day beach-body challenge. As the name suggests, this one is all about being beach body ready in a span of a month. On the other hand, if you aren’t one who works out, take up the challenge and sign up at a gym or a zumba workout class, today. What can we say? It’s summer and you tend to sweat more, burning off those unrelenting calories with ease.