World’s heaviest woman loses 100kg ahead of surgery

MUMBAI: Egypt’s Eman Ahmed may soon shed the tag of being the world’s heaviest woman after having lost over 120kg in less than a month.
The doctors at Saifee Hospital, who are awaiting her gene test report, said a bariatric surgery may still be necessary . Ahmed, who had left her home in Alexandria after 25 years and airlifted to Mumbai, has showed remarkable improvement despite suffering multiple strokes in between. Doctors are hoping to find out the reason behind the strokes by next month when she is likely to fit into an MRI machine. The medical team is largely working with portable x-rays currently .
The hospital has passed the primary hurdle of tracking her kilos by installing a new bed fitted with its own weighing machine. Her sur geon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala said that she has entered the league of “300 plus kilos”, much better from her original weight of 498kg. We are expecting her genetic report by the end of this week. A surgery may follow any time after that,” he said.
The difficulty in swallowing food had reduced notably as she no longer coughs it out. There is clarity in her speech. Rigorous physiotherapy sessions have also meant that she can even hold her toes and come up on her own.
“It is all because the body fluid has gone down. Losing the next 100kg however won’t be easy as the medicines have mostly done their job,” Lakdawala said.
An outpouring of support has helped the team to raise nearly Rs 60 lakh.