Sushma Strongly Condemned Pakistan at UN


26 Sept,New York.  India’s Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj delivered a hard-hitting speech at the United Nations, sending a strong message to Pakistan. In her address, Swaraj categorically condemned Pakistan for being a terrorism dispersive state and providing a safe haven to terrorists. Moreover, the speech of Sushma Swaraj could be seen as an extension of the kind of narrative being attempted to be set by the Narendra Modi government in the aftermath of the Uri terror attack.

By underlining that Pakistan needs to diplomatically isolated for its covert support for terror, Swaraj validated the strategy enacted by Modi government in response to the gruesome cross-border assault.In her appeal to the United Nations General Assembly, she demanded action against Pakistan for not intending to join the fight against terrorism, and instead using terrorism as a state policy. In what appeared to be the most fiery part of of her speech, Swaraj asserted that all the strategies being planned by Pakistan break Kashmir from India would remain unsuccessful.