Street Children Enjoyed Participatory Musical Event With Tree Plantation


5 June 2016, Delhi. A tree plantation drive by the street children in collaboration with Centre for Social Development and Research Foundation, held at a public park located in Noida sector 12. The tree plantation drive was accompanied by a musical activity with them. The children were engaged in discussions to bring awareness about environmental safety related issues. Shri Ishtdev, from GautamBudh Jan JagritiSansthan also contributed in the event. Mr Chetan Arora contributed through musical intervention and singing at the event. Children enjoyed especially the musical event in participatory manner. Mr Vivek Sharma, Managing Director of CSDR foundation told SNAV.XYZ that the mango trees planted during the event were grown from waste mango seeds left after eating the mangoes at his home. He requested everyone that after eating fruits the seeds should not be thrown into the dustbin. He also revealed that the organisation is thinking about a plan to motivate people to dry the seeds at home. Centre for Social Development and Research Foundation will collect those seeds and put them at appropriate locations so that they can grow in natural environments. In a way, rather than tree plantation activity seeding activity can take place that too from the usually wasted seeds that go to the dustbins.