Poonam Mahajan requested the govt. for Mithi


4 December,New Delhi
Shrimati Poonam Mahajan recently raised a 377 in the Lok Sabha today about the depletion of Mithi
River in Mumbai. Shrimati Mahajan earlier inspected desilting of the river and asked a question about
conservation of mangroves in the city. She urged the Government in Parliament to take immediate steps
to protect and revive Mithi River.
The following is the text of short speech given by Shrimati Mahajan in the Lok Sabha today
“The Mithi River is an essential part of Mumbai as it covers over 16% of the city’s area. Once a vibrant
reminder of Mumbai’s natural beauty; this river has been reduced to a sewer in the last century.
Pollutants, encroachments of riverbank, dumping of harmful chemicals and construction debris led to
the river’s flooding in Monsoon 2005 and in turn caused havoc in the city. The degradation of the Mithi
River is also affecting the Mangrove forests of Mumbai. While both the local and state Government
authorities have taken up work to rejuvenate the Mithi, the same has been painfully delayed and there
is a lack of coordination between all the concerned authorities. I request the Government to take
immediate cognizance of this issue and ensure that corrective steps are being rightly implemented to
arrest depletion of Mithi River.”