Mumbai: Turning away saves teen’s face from acid attack in Kandivli


A 17-year-old girl saved her face from an acid attack but sustained injuries on her right shoulder and chest last morning in the Borsa Pada area of Kandivli.

The survivor, a gajra seller, was out looking for customers at 8.30 am when an unidentified bike-borne man stopped near her and threw a balloon filled with acid at her.By reflex, she turned her face away and the balloon hit her right shoulder and chest. Before someone could help her, the man, who had covered his face with a napkin, fled the spot.

“I was walking towards Borsa Pada area to sell gajra when I saw a person, whose face was covered with a napkin and who was wearing spectacles, come from behind on a bike,” said the survivor.She added, “He stopped in front of me and suddenly threw something on my face. I immediately turned my face away and when something hit my chest and shoulder, I saw smoke rising from my clothes. Before I could shout for help, he ran away. People helped take me to the hospital.”She is now out of danger but is being treated for the burn injuries at Shatabdi Hospital.

Police says
As soon as the locals informed the police about the incident, they reached the spot and arrested two suspects after recording the survivor’s statement.Senior inspector Mukund Pawar of Kandivli police station said, “We registered the case under Section 326 (a) of Indian Penal Code. The accused has not been identified.”