LIVE Bengaluru Test, Day 4: Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood dismantle India after lead crosses 150

11.01 IST: FOUR! Top shot! Lyon tosses up outside off, Ishant Sharma sweeps it well through the square leg region for a boundary.
11.00 IST: Nathan Lyon comes back into the attack.
10.58 IST: FOUR! Full delivery outside off, Saha lofts it over the cover region for a boundary. Makes the most of the fielders coming in to stop the single. Much needed runs for India.
10.42 IST: OUT!Hazlewood takes 6, removes Umesh for 1. Soft dismissal! Good length delivery angling into the batsman, Yadav goes for a biggie but he cannot get the desired contact. The ball goes straight towards the fielder at mid off. Warner takes an easy catch and the batsman has to walk back. Silly batting from Yadav who has Saha on the other end. IND 189 & 258/9, lead AUS (276) by 171 runs 10.36 IST: LUCKY SAHA! Length delivery, the ball not only nipped back but also kicked up from the surface. Saha tried to drive it through the covers. The ball went between the bat and the body. Wade dives towards his left to stop it but only manages to get a hand to it. Runs through for a bye.
10.35 IST: FOUR! Good shot! Saha is on the charge! Angling into the pads, Saha heaves it through the mid-wicket region for a boundary. 250 up for India.
10.34 IST: OUT! Bowled ’em! Hazlewood removes Ashwin for 4. Angling into the stumps from a length, Ashwin stays in his crease and tries to drive it. The ball stays low and that takes Ashwin by surprise. He cannot get the bat down in time as the ball crashes into the stumps. Hazlewood makes a terrific comeback after the boundary and gets his 5th five-wicket haul. India are struggling with only two wickets left now. IND 189 & 246/8, lead AUS (276) by 159 runs
10.28 IST: FOUR! Terrific shot! Length delivery outside off, Ashwin smells the length well and smacks it past the cover region to get off the mark with a boundary.
10.26 IST: OUT! Hazlewood removes Pujara for 92. Pujara throws it away! Shorter in length just around off, Hazlewood gets the ball to bounce more and Pujara has to play at it. The ball goes off the edge and lobs towards Mitchell Marsh who takes a good catch at gully. Pujara knows how important this wicket is and is disappointed as he walks back. India have suddenly lost three wickets and the game is wide open now. Phew, this Test match is taking a toll on everyone out there. IND 189 & 242/7, lead AUS (276) by 155 runs Ravichandran Ashwin comes out to bat.
10.21 IST: SAHA SURVIVES! Bowls it fuller on the stumps at 153 kmph, Saha is nervous as he has a poke at it and gets an inside edge onto his pads. There is a loud shout for an lbw but there was a big inside edge there.10.20 IST: OUT! Starc takes two in two, removes Karun Nair for 0. TIMBER! Fires it full and on the stumps, Karun Nair plays all over it and gets an inside edge onto his stumps. The stumps are broken and Starc is roaring. He is absolutely pumped up and why not, Australia are back in the game. Karun Nair walks back after bagging a golden duck. IND 189 & 238/6, lead AUS (276) by 151 runs. Wriddhiman Saha is the next man in. He will be facing the hat-trick delivery from Mitchell Starc.
10.17 IST: OUT! Starc removes Rahane LBW for 52. Big wicket for Australia, thanks to the review! Slants it on the stumps, Rahane looks to clip it through but is hit on his pads. There is a loud shout for an lbw. The slip cordon and the bowler is confident and they go for the review. Replays show there was no bat there, Ball Tracker shows the ball hitting the stumps and that is for Rahane. A very good knock comes to an end. IND 189 & 238/5, lead AUS (276) by 151 runs
10.03 IST: Loud shout for an lbw! Bowls it on a length outside off, keeps a tad low, Pujara pads it away with a press. There is a loud appeal for an lbw but the umpire stays put. Replays show it was a good call as the ball didn’t come in enough.
10.00 IST: Josh Hazlewood is called into the attack. He will share the new ball with Mitchell Src. Two slips and a gully in place.
9.55 IST:FOUR! Rahane slams 11th fifty. What a shot to get to your fifty! Fuller outside off, Rahane does not miss out and sends it crashing into the cover fence. Superb shot that from Rahane. A vital fifty for him and he will want to make it count. IND 189 & 228/4, lead AUS (276) by 141 runs
9.53 IST: CLOSE! Starc slants it outside off on a length, the ball keeps low, Rahane looks to defend but is beaten by the low bounce on that one. That just missed the off stump by a whisker.
9.50 IST: The second new ball has been taken and Mitchell Starc has been brought into the attack.9.44 IST: This is the first time in six attempts that the DRS has gone India’s way. Good start to the day for India.
9.42 IST: Not out! Stop the press, India finally get a DRS right! Bowls it on off, spins in sharply, Pujara fails to counter the low bounce on that one and is rapped on his front pad. The players appeal and the umpire gives it out. Pujara is surprised and goes for the review after a talk with Rahane. Ball Tracker shows that the ball was spinning down the leg side and Pujara survives.
9.38 IST:Pujara and Rahane bring up their 100-run stand. What a partnership it has been for the Indians, who were looking down the barrel but this partnership has brought them back into the game.
9.35 IST: Not out! Just short! Floats it on the stumps, Pujara comes forward to defend but gets an inside edge. Peter Handscomb takes the catch and is not quite appealing as the keeper and first slip fielder appeal. The umpires come together for a discussion and refer it upstairs. The soft signal is not out. Replays show Handscomb had taken it on the bounce.
9.27 IST: The players are making their way out to the middle. Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane will continue with the bat for the hosts. Steve O’Keefe will begin the proceeding with the ball for Australia. A silly point and a slip in place.
9.25 IST: It rained in Bengaluru last evening and there is a chance that it might rain today as well. However, at the moment the weather looks sunny and there are no signs of a thunderstorm.
9.15 IST: Pitch Report – Sunil Gavaskar says that yesterday was a cracker of a day. He adds that this wicket is going to remain two paced throughout the contest and that the ball will turn and bounce, with the odd ball keeping low. He feels that the inconsistency in bounce will be lethal as the cracks will keep getting wider as the day progresses.
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at bay with a fine fifty. After his dismissal, India did lose their way a bit but the pair of Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane showing great skills to survive the day. India currently lead by 126 runs and will know they need to add at least 100 more runs to start fancying their chances. Australia will come out hard knowing that chasing won’t be that easy. It promises to be another intriguing day of cricket. Stay tuned for all the action.
8.45 IST: Well many of us didn’t quite expect the game to go into the penultimate day, did we? When Indian were bundled out for 189 and the pitch offering a lot of assistance then, it looked like we may be in for a quick game but it wasa not to be. Both teams have applied themselves well, especially India who have done well to stay in the game.
Brief Day 3 Report: Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane shared an unbroken fifth-wicket stand of 93 to keep alive India’s hopes of a series-levelling win over Australia, giving the hosts a lead of 126 on a see-saw third day of the second Test on Monday.
India’s chances appeared slim when paceman Josh Hazlewood’s triple strike helped Australia reduce them to 120 for four before tea and the touring side looked favourites to take a 2-0 lead in the four-match series.
But Pujara and Rahane batted through the final session to ensure India will set them a decent target to chase on a difficult pitch.
At close of play, Pujara was unbeaten on 79 with Rahane on 40 to take India, who lost the opening Test of the four-match series by 333 runs, to 213 for four