Exercises to strengthen your lower back


51791434 How many of you can relate to getting up in the morning with a nagging pain in the lower  back, just to go about your day blaming it on your sleeping posture? Or spending your day  sitting incorrectly on office chair, just to feel acute discomfort in your back by evening?

 Not many know that back pain is way more severe than knee pain. As a matter of fact, back  pain can be easily called the most common affliction in India. According to a study  published in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases journal, 1 in 10 people worldwide suffer  from low back pain problem. Surprisingly, a large number of people complaining of back  ache never go for any consultation.

Call it back pain, backache, spine ache or lower back ache, it all spells the same trouble – t  rouble in the back! Therapists from Vardan who specialise in FMT (Functional  ManualTherapy) tell you ways you can heal back pain and also strengthen your back.

For the uninitiated, FMT combines active movements and resisted contractions with a specific directional pressure by the therapist to produce efficient mobility. It provides the therapist an ability to assess the effect of limited mobility on function in both weight bearing and non-weight bearing positions