Depression, Job Lost, Father Helpless and Lady is Enjoying

Members of Save Indian Family Foundation stage a demonstration against misuse of dowry harassment and domestic violence laws, at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on Sunday. Tribune photo:Manas Ranjan Bhui

mens-rightsNaveen Kumar/ New Delhi. Normally people raise their voices for rights of women.They hold demonstrations at places like Jantar Mantar. They squall that ” India needs feminism”. But the tangibility is just the repugnant to their haver thinking. In fact, Men are more victims of gender biased laws and society.
Abhijeet Bhatia(Name Changed) is a resident of West Delhi, who resides with his old father. Abhijeet is a meritorious graduate from a prestigious college of Delhi University. Abhijeet use to work in a reputed company at a very high position. He is alone to take care of his father and his large ancestral house .
He married to a slum girl, Terry Bhatia(Name Changed) on 19th November 2010. The girl use to work as a sale girl in a small cosmetic shop before marriage. Both parents of Terry, were married twice, and Terry’s father Blunt Bhatia(Name Changed) is continuing nuptials with both of his consorts. Terry’s mother Burgundy Bhatia(Name Changed) is the second spouse to her father.
Terry is from very poor family where her father is a sot, her mother is a domestic help and her brother Mark(Name Changed) is a punk of gully. The wedlock of Abhijeet and Terry was an arranged one. They first met in a matrimony meet organized by a NGO. Abhijeet promised her all comforts in life, in-lieu of that, Terry agreed to take care of him,his father and their home.

It was a dream come true for Terry, she became cinderrella and Abhijeet became her prince. She chosen to be a house wife and enjoy the Abhijeet’s money. Abhijeet started making all her wishes come true.

On their first anniversary i.e. 19 November 2011, Abhijeet and Terry became parents of one daughter. They were happily living upto Jully 2015, when on just a miniature dissonance, she left for her parental home.

After a few days she came back along with her Brother Mark, and tooked her daughter along with all the furniture of the house in Abhijeet’s absence, during day time when abhijeet was in his office.

Afterwards Terry and Mark threatened to Abhijeet that if he wants a peacefull divorce, he has to pay a high price, or oyherwise they will put all false allcing egations on him and his father.

Abhijeet bravely disagreed to their demand. Now he and his father are facing false allegations of Dowry harassment Molestation and Domestic violence. Abhijeet Lost his job due to depression. He wants his daughter back, could anybody help him? He and his father are out on bail now. But when goes for earn his living, their no one to take care of his old and sick father. Now Where is candle brigade of Delhi?

There is no one in our over feministic society, who could stood for justice to poor Abhijeet and his old father.