At least 24 activists and writers abducted by Pakistani armed forces in Last Six Months : Zulfiqar Shah and Fatima Shah


New Delhi. In a press conference at press club of India, Sindhi Journalist and activists Zulfiqar Shah and Fatima Shah inform the press about Victimization of Sindhi People by Pakistan.They told to media that in the post China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Sindh, Pakistan,  Victimization has become intensive where gross human rights violation has become a matter of every day. At least 24 activists and writers have been abducted by Pakistani armed forces and services due to the political dissent in last six months.

Every month at least one case of victimization of Sindhi Hindu is reported by the media.A gradual ethnic cleansing of Sindhi is underway of which Hindu exodus from Sindh

Until now hundreds of Sindhi political activists have been killed and thousands have been jailed in Pakistan in due to their struggle for their rights. ,Meanwhile, thousands of Sindhi Hindus have migrated to India to avoid victimization.

construction of human settlements under CPEC like Zulfiqaraad and colonization initiatives like Bahria Town Pakistan are the components.

People of Sindh have been protesting against construction of two human settlements Zulfiqaraad and Bahriya Town. Zulfiqarabad is a new port city that is to be constructed in district Thatta near Karachi. Bahriya Town is a human settlement project that will encompass Karachi and its outskirt. Bahria Town will settle 500,000 persons in the settlement meanwhile both of the project will settle 10 million people in Sindh in the long run. The construction of these projects is against the will of the Sindhi people because construction of these cities is a conspiracy to convert indigenous ethnic Sindhi people into minority on their own homeland Sindh. Bahria Town scheme is spread around 14 squire kilometers and Zulfiqarabad is around 242 squire kilometer.

This situation, having multi-dimensional aspects of planned human rights violations is a bid to permanently subdue Sindh and Sindhi people in Pakistan